Therapy For You 

You've got some of the most important stuff figured out, and you've done a lot of personal growth work. Still, there are times when you notice you aren't living your life as fully as you could. You hold back parts of yourself, almost out of habit. Therapy with me can help you fully embrace every part of yourself. We can bust through shame and self-criticism so you can finally be your own best friend. 

You're looking for a therapist who will bring her whole personality to therapy, but none of her own agenda. 

Some of the issues I help people work on: 

  • parenting imperfectly but consciously

  • bringing more of yourself to your relationships

  • aging like a badass

  • loving the body you have

  • creating a meaningful life while dealing with depression or anxiety

  • making friends with your finances

  • embracing being highly sensitive or being an introvert

  • living a meaningful life while being horrified by your government.