You're done with compromising on who you are. 


You're ready to embrace you.  Completely. You're old enough to know that perfect is not an option and that there's way more fun and meaning in a full and messy life. 


When you spend even a little bit of your time and energy trying to be someone else, you get further from your awesomeness. 


When you tell yourself: 

  • I'm too...

  • I'm not...enough

  • I should be more like...

these thoughts hold you back from having as much joy and love as you can. 


There are so many parts of you, and one key to happiness is to stop hiding them, especially from yourself. 


These parts may be wise, sad, funny, rebellious, ashamed, angry, elated, bored, proud, scared, curious...

They are all important. 

When we hide parts of ourselves, we end up depressed, defeated or otherwise stuck.